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I absolutely love Great Beginnings! The teachers are amazing and so loving. My girls are always happy and clean when I pick them up. They are learning so much. The owners and staff are just wonderful people.

Lauren Hayde

My children LOVED their time at Great Beginnings in Dacula. The owners and staff made my children feel special every day. This is a facility that is clean, runs efficiently, and has EXCELLENT communication between parents and staff.

Renee Aikens

One advantage to the Private Pre-K (K-4) is the smaller class size so the students get more personalized attention. Ms Hollie is a very positive teacher and always made learning exciting for Hayden. He always enjoyed going to school. and we know that this is the best choice we could have made to prepare him for kindergarten.

The Brooks Family

My daughter is currently in Great Beginnings and I would recommend it to any parent.  They spend a lot of time developing relationships with the kids and know what works well for them; they explore a lot of subjects. My daughter has not only learned about shapes, numbers and letters, but they have also taught her about communicating and treating other people. I am very pleased with the care and education Abby is getting. It is a great program.

Sohna Sow

Great Beginnings provides an invaluable service to our community. Lloyd and Cindy DeLatour stand out among their peers in providing world-class educational opportunities for the children of Dacula.

As special educators in Gwinnett County Public Schools and parents of a child in a collaborative Pre-K classroom, we appreciate the quality of instruction provided by Great Beginnings.

Erin and Lonnie White - Parents and Special Educators

I really enjoyed my visit. You all have a WONDERFUL class! You guys are AWESOME teachers and that shows up in how effective and successful the classroom runs. I was very impressed.


Nyemade Baker-Marsh - Georgia County Public Schools

I am so impressed at all of the “extras” that you do. From “Doughnuts for Dads” and “Muffins for Moms”, field trips, read-a-thons, pumpkin patch – all things that as a parent are not demanded but are truly appreciated. It is exciting as a parent to be a part of your child’s day and to have him be a part of a place that makes such an effort to embrace each child; it is heartwarming.

Jennifer Kime - Joshua Kime's Mom

Everyday our daughter has something new to tell us. From the field trips to the phonics program to the family fall feast there is always something she is excited about. Great Beginnings makes learning fun and Brianna is always eager to participage.

Shannon and Garrett Waldrop - Parents

The individual attention she has received has been exactly what she needed and what we desired as partents. It was most important to us that she not be stifled or bored and that she could advance at a pace that was specific to her needs and level of learning.

As she recently tested for a private school kindergarten program, the director said that she was well prepared for kindergarten now, which was music to my ears!

Thanks again for the great program, it has been a worthy investment into our child’s future.

Lisa Connor - Parent

My son attends Great Beginnings and I have been very pleased with his preschool education. As a Gwinnett County Public School preschool special education teacher, I know the importance of early childhood education and intervention. It is vital for young children to have a place to go where they feel safe and can thrive in a caring and loving environment. I feel as an educator and a parent that Great Beginnings provides just that for my child.

Amy Lollis - Gwinnette County Public School Teacher