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Pre School

The pre-school program here at Great Beginnings provides age-appropriate structured activities and free-play time for ages 18 months through 4 years. Individual classrooms span ages by 6 months or less ensuring age appropriate teaching and lesson activites.
Multiple staff members in each classroom keep ratios much lower than what is required by Georgia State guidelines. Our preschoolers gain valuable life and language skills as they make new friends and explore a multitude of centers in our classrooms. The weekly curriculum varies and our super positive learning environment routinely includes:

    • Manipulatives to help develop fine motor skills.
    • Outside Activities to help develop gross motor skills.
    • Art, Math and Science to stimulate the cognitive learning.
    • Home Living and Dramatic Play for social development.
    • Music and Movement for auditory development and physical coordination.
    • Indoor activity room for rainy or extreme temperature days. Its our indoor playground!
    • The “great day cafe” for all meals and snacks which features the all you can eat menu!
    • A library for literacy and computer fun. WOW! – this room is great!